Proud to be a WMS Group authorised dealership

As peace of mind to you, all of our vehicles up to 7 years of age and 80,000 miles at the purchase date will automatically include a comprehensive 5 Star warranty cover with no annual mileage restrictions. With the escalating cost of car repairs, this warranty will protect your new vehicle against unexpected mechanical or electrical failures and as additional peace of mind, will also include recovery, car hire, EU cover and overnight accommodation!* You will be able to make an unlimited number of claims for the duration of your policy. If your vechicle is over 7 years of age or 80,000 miles we can offer you a 4* policy.


What’s covered under a 5* policy?

During the period of cover, all of the original manufacturer's mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle are insured against breakdown with exception to those listed under the exclusions. Full terms and conditions are set out in the policy document – please ask us for details.

1 Timing belts, providing there is proof that the manufacturer's replacement recommendations have been complied with and they are free from oil contamination.

2 Casings. In the events of a covered item causing damage to a casing then the casing will form part of the maximum claim liability.

Cover also includes:

(Factory fitted)
Air conditioning
(Factory fitted)
Timing belts 1
Casings 2

Car Hire

In the event of a valid claim and provided that the repair time in accordance with Autodata schedules is in excess of 8 hours, a maximum of £50 per day inclusive of VAT (but excluding petrol and insurance) may be claimed for up to a maximum of 5 days, related to the actual repair times from the time repairs commence and provided that car hire is authorised by the WMS Group prior to the start of the hire period.


Vehicle Recovery

In the event of a valid claim, tow-in charges up to £50 including VAT will form part of the maximum claim liability.

Additional Coverage (charged additionally)

  • Catalytic Convertor
  • In Car EntertainmentIncluding Satellite Navigation (up to a maximum of £100 per claim)
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Sensors
  • Diagnostics


*Terms and conditions apply.

Ultimate Warranty

Prestige Diesels and Sports Portsmouth are extremely proud to be one of a select 250 dealerships in the country who can offer this level of warranty. This level of warranty can be added to the price of your car for a very reasonable cost. The Safe and Sound car warranty scheme was voted Used Car Product of the Year 2015 at the prestigious Used Car Awards, hosted by Car Dealer Magazine.


Safe and Sound Ultimate car warranty (cars up to 6 years old/60,000 mileage at start date).


This warranty covers the failure of all mechanical and electrical components including wear and tear, diagnosis and battery cover. The Ultimate warranty is only available for FCA registered dealerships. 

Key features

3-36 months available, with no excess contributions or annual mileage restrictions.

Unlimited number of claims throughout the warranty period. Each individual claim has a limit of £1,000 and we deal with the claim for you.

Up to 60 days of EU cover, tow-in charges, car hire, overnight accommodation and rail fare are included as standard in the event of a valid claim.

Transfer and renewal, subject to our approval.



If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.